Still no Internet, and now they’re saying two additional weeks… !!!!???

Luckily, my life in Bozeman is looking like this:


And this:


And this:


And this:


So things aren’t so bad at all. Loving the internship so far, and happy to be seeing clients again. Missing my own family and friends a lot, but I can’t imagine a better place to feel a little lonely. This place is magical. Some things:

* I’m starting to like country music again. I think it’s behavioral conditioning — that’s what’s on the radio as I’m driving around seeing all of this incredible stuff, so I associate it with pure aesthetic loveliness. Also I feel like the post-9/11 country phase of “put-a-boot-in-your-ass” American pride/xenophobia has faded, which certainly helps.

* I have seen at least two vehicles with camouflage paint jobs. In both cases a lady was driving.

* I am on a waiting list for a skeet shooting class for women (keep your fingers crossed for me!)

* I have and use a video rental card. There is a Hastings here — anyone remember those?

* I can wear jeans to work. But now that I’ve lived in DC I don’t know that I can actually do it.

* it’s super easy to eat gluten-free here. Almost every place has an option or even a full gf menu, including beer. On the whole it’s an easier place to be healthy, and I love that.


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