DC Bucket List

On a napkin somewhere I have a bucket list for DC…  It’s probably in a landfill somewhere, as so many of my wonderful ideas are (or so I’d like to think)…

i have a little over a month left here.  I have two weeks of almost complete freedom — I could rent a car and go anywhere.  I want to see:

  • all the art.  Again, for those pieces I’ve already seen
  • old things that we don’t have in the west
  • that one island memorial (Teddy Roosevelt?)
  • maybe the zoo. It feels like something one should see
  • more of Baltimore
  • some caverns nearby
  • even more of Baltimore
  • the Textile Museum
  • the Anacostia Museum (Anacostia is like 1/4 of DC, separated by the Anacostia River, mostly Black, mostly not entered by anyone who lives in the rest of DC because people think it’s scary.  I don’t know if it is or not, and I think I should explore a bit.



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