Bus Dispatches // Another Friday

I love it when I end up on the same bus as the little British sisters and their adorable dad. The older one, maybe seven, reads little French novellas. The little one (5?) has grown an astounding amount in two years. Dad is pragmatic and casual — rides with them to school, probably in Georgetown, then bikes to work.

Today it is raining on the girls inside the bus because of a leak. Much hilarity is ensuing now that they have accepted their fate and stopped whining. The older one convinced the younger to sit in the more-wet seat because she has a raincoat on. She is talking to the younger one about “stuffing you in my backpack so you can come to my exhibition.” And I swoon over this little family.

It does not rain here every day, but I’m finding the bus a nice blogging spot, and I ride it on the rainy days.


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