Friday Morning // Bus Dispatches

Is the dirty sock smell me or the interior of this bus?

I think the girl in the seat behind me is a thinly veiled psychopath/office worker. She was just whining that someone took a break (manning a door? Because they’re not supposed to take breaks?), leaving an entire bucket of umbrellas unattended. She “seriously thought about upgrading” from her broken umbrella, but didn’t, even though no one was looking, because she’s a good person. I have my doubts.

I just sneezed and got the most disgusted look from a guy… Who is now mining his nasal orifice and flicking his finds on the ground/wherever they might land. This goes on for several blocks and employs many fingers. It turns out his disgusted look is probably not actually reflective of his inner world, but rather due to a couple of unfortunately placed wrinkles on the bridge of his nose.

My patience for Metrobus is wearing thin.

On a good note, though, we just passed a brass band by the metro station playing a slow, bluesy, lazy-summery piece, which matches the approach I’m taking to this 92-degree + humidity day.


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