I was going to write about ideas for tattoos, but then I thought it would be much nicer if I just showed up with one, having made the decision of what to get and how it should look and where it should be on my own.  In the past few months some images have been coming to mind.  A friend said getting a piercing is much better — much less permanent.  I don’t know why I want the permanence, but I do, and piercings haven’t really interested me since I got the holes in my ears.  There was this article in the NYT about tattoos.  Maybe I’ll change my mind in 20 years (even though “unicorn” is not on the shortlist, and I’m not nineteen).  Another friend said “if that’s my biggest worry in 20 years, I’ll be doing pretty well.”

So, sticking with the idea of ink, I’ll share this article, “How writing leads to thinking (and not the other way around),” by Lynn Hunt, posted a few days ago by yet another friend.  A sample: “writing crystallizes previously half-formulated or unformulated thoughts, gives them form, and extends chains of thoughts in new directions.”  And she mentions neuroscience, so I was even more sold.  I think I agree.  I need to think of writing not as something I’m made to do at the end of every. single. effing. semester, but as a way of really digesting the material I’ve been working with.  I need to make more time for it.  I wish it were still fun.  And I hope it will be again.

One more thing, related to not being nineteen:  I renewed my driver’s license online, which means that it is good for another five years with the SAME picture from 2003.  So it’s like I’m 22 again.  Which is really, really wonderful, to get a brand new license with that same old picture and know that in some respects I’m going to keep being 22 until I’m 37…



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2 responses to “Ink

  1. Lindsey P

    I am so glad that you are back to blogging! I really, really missed reading what you’re thinking and doing. And…I am now remembering how very, incredibly smart you are. Hope you are hanging in there.

  2. Aww, I’m blushing. Thanks, Lindsey! Glad you’re reading it!

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