The rain it raineth every day

It rains a lot here. This year we’ve hardly had snow… But rain in January? Sure thing! I had a nice umbrella when I moved, which I promptly lost in a cab. A second, my beloved umbrella with a crab that I got at a conference in 2006, has disappeared. I purchased two more from one of the ubiquitous CVS stores, and let me tell you, they are worthless. One does not close unless I hold it shut and fasten the Velcro bit around it. And that’s the better of the two! I was fed up with the other last week when it broke in three different ways in one day and threw it out.

Today I borrowed this one from my roommate:


It kind of pissed me off with its pink cheeriness as I waited for a never-on-time bus in 33-degree drizzle. But hey — it functions.


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