Love, Get Through


Love: studying at the American Art Museum (picture taken when I was the first one in the atrium on a Saturday morning.  It is usually much busier, but the sound dissipates nicely, and there is NO internet connection, which is really good for me…)

1) Grad school is effing hard.  There are parts I love, and there are parts I’ll get through. 

  • Love: being a therapist (in training!)
  • Get through: finals (only five more semesters of them!)
  • Love: other grad students (most of)
  • Get through: feeling like I’m average (in every way) at the very best
  • Love: 70% of the assigned reading
  • Get through: the other 30%.  Or never read it….
  • Love: being around amazing people
  • Get through: not getting to read whatever I want (ohhhhh, fiction, how I miss you!)
  • Love: world-class community of therapists in the area
  • Get through: finding energy to hear them all speak

2) Washington, DC, is an effing hard place to live, but I’m thankful for the years I’m getting to spend here. 

  • Love: Spring.  Oh my god, spring.
  • Get through: Summer.  So that’s what you mean when you say “humid”….
  • Love: So many free museums
  • Get through: not seeing them often enough
  • Love: my sweet, sweet row home
  • Get through: what it costs
  • Love: the neighborhood
  • Get through: the commute
  • Love: my roommates
  • Get through: being 30 with roommates (not that uncommon here at all, though).

3) And also…

  • Love: my amazing and supportive boyfriend, who of course I met just as I was leaving…
  • Get through: being apart (countdown: 448 more days!!  If all goes as planned….!!)
  • Love: friends old and new
  • Get through: being so far away from so many of them.

And really, whose life isn’t a series of “love/get through” statements?



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2 responses to “Love, Get Through

  1. Sounds like things are going mostly well! I love the photo! We have been talking about a trip that way next year…

  2. KK

    Love: this post, Leslie. Miss you!

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