It’s hard (maybe almost impossible) to devote time to this blog anymore, but I miss it.

This week I’ve had a world-collapsing-on-itself experience of strangely-timed coincidences:

  • For the same class, I also read about Freud’s early research in this book:  Psychoanalysis: Freud’s Cognitive Psychology…  First he was a neurologist, and then, because he kept getting patients he couldn’t figure out, he started to study hypnosis.  Hypnosis had been influenced by some of the practices surrounding animal magnetism — the idea that living things contained a magnetic charge that could be manipulated in healing ways…  This guy, Mesmer, was the magnet man:


  • After class and a power nap at school, I went to the symphony (National Symphony Orchestra — hurrah!) with a friend who regularly scores comp tickets at the Kennedy Center because once she crossed the street to pet the right person’s cute puppy (seriously).  The featured guest was Jörg Widmann, a composer and clarinetist.  The first piece we heard was composed by him and featured the glass armonica (AKA glass harmonica).  WTF is that?  Awesome, is what it is:

  • Also, check out more Widmann.  He was pretty incredible.

  • The “glass” in glass armonica reminded me of the tiny glass pipettes, and I had this sort of reverie of neurons and hypnosis and mysterious labs, forests, and fog.  Here’s the music

  • Incidentally, Benjamin Franklin invented the glass harmonica.
  • Incidentally, Benjamin Franklin was treated by Mesmer.
  • Incidentally, Mesmer used the glass armonica (or something like it) in his treatments.
  • Mozart was a Mesmer fan.
  • Widmann played Mozart.

And with that I’m going to get some much-needed sleep.



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