I Feel the Earth Move…

Okay, that was kind of irresistible.

You may have heard there was an earthquake on the east coast today, and DC felt it pretty hard (for us).  I was in the living room of my newly rented townhouse.  At first I thought it was traffic, then someone demolishing another townhouse or something, or maybe a sinkhole underneath the house.  Then I thought maybe terrorists, and then I thought maybe an earthquake.  Earthquake it was, which I think is fine among those options.

I’m fine.  Most people seem to be.  But it was a little unnerving.  I went outside and chatted with the UPS man, a woman who works in the church next door, and another woman who said, “To be honest with you, I flushed the toilet and then my house started shaking — I didn’t know what was going on.”  I’m glad I wasn’t on the Metro (I was headed that way) or biking (I’m not sure how that would have gone).  It was my first consciously experienced earthquake (I slept through one in Northern Arizona in the early 90s and was kind of upset about missing it).  Interestingly, there was one near my parents last night, too.

In other news, this video by the Decemberists, based on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is decidedly awesome.  I’ve fallen behind on Facebook and blogs and much of life in general, but that caught my eye when I was looking for more earthquake info today.  One year in DC down, and less than two to go if all goes as planned.


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