This is What Worrying is Like

It wastes a lot of energy and doesn’t get you very far.

On the eve of my third semester (or, rather, on the morning of the first day of my third semester), I’m feeling a lot like this.

Also: I think I’m turning into a LOLcatz-sharing woman.  ugh.  what?!?!  In my defense, here are some things I’ve been liking lately:

Sorry only the LOLcatz are coming through lately….!


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One response to “This is What Worrying is Like

  1. Barrett

    Ummm, there is nothing wrong with LOLcatz sharing. Oftimes they make teh internets bearable. Those Yugoslavian monuments are amazing. I’ll come with you on that trip! Thinking of you and your wok, Round. I’ve got a nice nonstick wok, myself . . .

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