What the Blerg?

blech, finals, even when you are relatively easy on me, I strongly dislike you.

Provisions for getting through what’s left of my Spring 2011 assignments:

  • 1-month free trial membership to Hulu Plus so I can catch up on current-season episodes of 30 Rock and Modern Family as rewards for reaching smallish milestones on each assignment (note: I think I have watched more tv since starting school than I did in the decade prior, and it’s sad…)
  • Enough popcorn for my popcorn-as-meal habit…
  • …alternated with the horrific meal of whole cans of black beans heated up and generously flavored with Cholula
  • coffee
  • coffee
  • coffee

Actually I’m almost done — one class (tomorrow) and one paper left.  Paper isn’t even due until May 4, but for once in my life I’m going to turn something in early, likely Friday morning…  at which point I will be free and will act like a DC tourist (only with proper Metro etiquette) until Monday, when I fly home to Colorado.

Thanks for the comments lately!  They make me happy, and I’m excited about the prospect of a handmade beard hat!


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One response to “What the Blerg?

  1. Lindsey

    I need to watch this video like everyday :-). Hope you’re well–miss you.

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