Beards, Kids

I think I mentioned future children in my last post (what’s happening to me?!?!  I can’t go anywhere with this clock ticking (or uterus fluttering) so loudly!!?).  Anyway, I would just like to mention that if I have a child, he (or, what the heck, she) will have at least one of these:

from: Balaclava WIN – Win!

In fact, I kind of want one for myself.  A beard hat, not a kid (yet).



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4 responses to “Beards, Kids

  1. jfochek

    Paige makes these! You’ll have to inquire during your next visit.

  2. KK

    This is awesome. I kind of want a kid, just so I can get him/her one.

  3. Paige

    I do indeed make these. My last one was with viking horns. I will take your measurements during your next visit. 🙂

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