Sweet Valley Confidential

I am a little ashamed to say that about half of what I read between spring of 1988 (when my grandmother gave me the first two books in the series) and spring of 1992 (when my mother claimed they were “trash books” and gave me some Newbery Award Winners and Mary Higgins Clark mysteries) were the first 60-some books of the Sweet Valley Twins series.  The other half of what I read was The Babysitter’s Club series.  Luckily (for my mind!) I read a couple of the mysteries and Newbery winners and did not graduate into Sweet Valley High books (or John Grisham or Janet Evanovich).  Don’t give me too much credit, though, as I did start buying Teen and Seventeen and YM magazines at least two years before I was actually a teen, and then was the first of my friends to start reading Glamour…and Cosmo…when I finally did reach my teenage years (if my mother only knew what was in those…).  I guess at least I got it out of my system early?

…or did I get it out of my system?  I feel after reading a whole lot of non-fiction and research papers and case studies and psychological theory I just might read Sweet Valley Confidential, which was just published and follows our favorite twins into their 20s.  Oh, yes.  This exists:

And you can totally tell that Jessica is the one on the back cover because she’s so vampy.  If only I had a Kindle, I could tell everyone I was reading this:

(which is coming with me on my break).

I will also note that one day in the distant future I will probably be horrified by what my own kids choose to read, and it might even make me say republican-sounding things about the world today and morals and how innocent kids used to be, even though I have a sinking suspicion kids were never as innocent as anyone remembers.



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2 responses to “Sweet Valley Confidential

  1. Sometimes I think we lived parallel lives! My Grandma Betty ALSO encouraged both Sweet Valley Twins AND BSC (I just loved the Super Specials)…while my mother wept over my overnight graduation to them from the darling mystery-solving orphans in The Boxcar Children series.

  2. Stacy

    I love this post. I was more of a Nancy Drew girl, but I did read Sweet Valley Twins. Interestingly enough, I also bypassed Sweet Valley High for Mary Higgins Clark! I was thinking I might read the V.C. Andrews books for a little throwback reading, but Sweet Valley Confidential might just win. I was sort of hoping Jessica would have a sophomore-year existential crisis, dye her hair black and experiment with lesbianism and wicca.

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