Jack Kerouac, Original Bro

What do we need in a world that pays Snooki more to talk to students than it pays Toni Morrison?

Probably a lot of things.  Probably including a sentence-by-sentence rewrite of Kerouac’s On the Road for “bros”.  You know, Situation style.  Or something.

It’s the end of the term, or getting there…  Which means I have a ton to do, but also that I’ve finished My So-Called Life and now am systematically watching all of the episodes of 30 Rock while I should be doing other things.  And no, it doesn’t really work to have a little video screen in the corner when I’m supposed to be working on other stuff (shout-out to some of my former students — glad I don’t have to have “talks” with you guys about that anymore).

Eight classes, two take-home tests, one test administration, a Rorschach write-up, and a ton of reading stand between me and my semester break, which shall begin promptly at 10 a.m. on April 27 (only to end May 16, but I’ll take it).


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One response to “Jack Kerouac, Original Bro

  1. Lindsey

    You thinking about coming to Denver for said spring break?

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