DC Hipsters!

Yes!  They exist!  I even found them in my neighborhood!

I had a weird day on Sunday…  I went to this little coffee shop by Eastern Market to read for a bit (not the one with the Nutella lattes, but one with better espresso for those no-sweet-drinks days).  The place was full, but I managed to grab a table.  The rule about tables seems to be that you don’t claim them entirely for yourself, but share with others if they ask, which is totally fine with me…

So I’m reading my Rorschach text, and this guy behind me starts asking about it.  “Do they really teach that still? (yes, more than you’d think) Are you just learning it for historical purposes? (nope — we’ll need it to apply to internships) They all look like bones… (oh, really…  Do you know what that tells me about you?)”  Etc.  It was kind of awkward.  I was joking, but I don’t think he took it that way, so he shut up pretty quickly.

Then these two girls asked if they could sit down to work on their business plan.  One of them worked at the coffee shop, so I got a free refill out of it.  Before they got to work (they had lots of books on starting your own craft business) they did some catching up: “How was the dinosaurs vs. robots party last night?  Did you make your own dinosaur costume?  Don’t you hate how most people just spray-paint boxes and pass as robots?”

And then they moved on to thrift stores: “Have you ever noticed how each type of store has a different smell?  Like how Salvation Army stores all smell the same?  I think it’s regional, too.”  And where to store thrift store finds prior to selling them on Etsy: “We could build a shed in your backyard.  The shed in my backyard is all full of VW parts.”  On bruises: “Look at all of these bruises on my shins [also displaying mismatched socks].  Do you think it’s from being vegan?”  And so on and so forth.  I kind of adored them and almost asked if they wanted to hang out sometime, but I think I might be too old (and I should probably be doing homework).

PS: I still secretly want a dinosaur robot.


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One response to “DC Hipsters!

  1. Barrett

    Me want robosaur! Oh, and I TOTES hate when people just spray paint a box and call it robot – sheezus! – at least use a dryer hose or old vinyl (laughable and unironic old vinyl only – the rest of it we can play on our circa 1978 turntable). Happy Rorschaching! ❤ ❤ ❤

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