The Way Things Go (2)

Break was lovely: caught up with lots of people, ate and drank too much.  Arrived at my parents’ house and got sick.  Back in DC, recovering from a bad cold (finally feeling better!).  Now: four weeks.  And not even a bad four weeks, really — three exams and a paper, and then I’ll have two semesters in the bag (out of nine).

I’ve been watching My So-Called Life on Netflix.  The year it aired I was in 8th grade, and I don’t think I realized how much it would shape my adolescence.  It did — I was kind of an introspective, dramatic teen, not as rebellious as Angela Chase, but at times as pouty.  And I gave my mom a bit of a hard time.  Poor mom.  Sorry.

Four weeks, four weeks, four weeks.  And then a couple weeks off, and then a new semester with (hopefully) more engaging classes.

Meanwhile: spring here is really gorgeous, cool sunshine, lots of flowers (blossoming trees!  oh, my!).  I’m going to brave the crowds this week and check out the Cherry Blossom Festival near the tidal basin…  The tourists on the metro are already providing endless amusement…



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2 responses to “The Way Things Go (2)

  1. Paige

    I have totally been watching My So-Called Life on Netflix. LOVE IT!

  2. Hannah S-Q

    I need to watch that now, too. I saw a couple episodes on YouTube but they didn’t have many. I remember deep, visceral responses to that show. Vaguely remember that. But my memory of my adolescence is pretty dim!

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