Links, Requests

Test your color acuity here.  For fun!  I’m pretty good, but it was my job for several years.  I was better on calibrated monitors, too.

Check this cleanse out, too.  I think if I ever do one again it will be less severe and more along these lines.  I had a hard time with the last one.  I think I only have so many self-discipline resources, and they’re all involved in schoolwork and sticking to a budget and being productive within a really open framework right now.  Diet discipline (even avoiding gluten and dairy) has been much harder for me since I moved and started school than it has ever been before.

I had a soy nutella latte today.  It’s the specialty at this new coffee shop in my neighborhood, and it was kind of phenomenal, though I do still prefer my no-frills Americano with (unsweetened) soy milk.

Come visit me, O Denver Friends!  You can fly into Baltimore for cheap, and it’s not that far!  We will drink nutella lattes and do touristy things together!

Other:  I’m writing a paper on the social factors that lead people not to seek mental health care when they are in need of it (i.e. stigma, financial reasons, disbelief in its effectiveness, belief that one should be able to manage on one’s own).  We’ve been told not to do research per se, but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on why they (or people they know) have not sought help when they have needed it.  I think it’s a particularly important issue in the Mountain West, where people have a “frontier” attitude about help and needing others (or, rather, not needing others).  There is actually a higher rate of suicide in the Rocky Mountain states than in the rest of the country, and people suspect it’s due in part to the availability of lethal weapons, but also to this no-need attitude towards help.  Please contact me off the blog if you have thoughts or anecdotes.

I miss everyone in my Mountain West.  Very much.



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5 responses to “Links, Requests

  1. I scored a 12. Is that good? What did you get?

  2. Today: 11. Zero last year on my calibrated work monitor in controlled light. And something like 5 at home last year (I’m out of practice) (which is okay — I’m much happier with what I’m doing now).

  3. Paige

    I want to come visit you. Nutella Lattes sound amazing.

  4. melissa

    LOVE the food lovers cleanse…although it seems like a lot of food! I recently started tracking my calories/nutrition at Livestrong and I’ve been shocked at how little food it takes to meet my needs. And what a waste of precious calories drinks are! And how much more I can eat when I work out!

  5. Erica

    We miss you too!

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