What’s Better Than a Midterm?

A group midterm, of course!

It hasn’t been that bad, actually…  It’s hard to reach consensus when you’re dealing with stuff that is not black and white.  But: whatever.  We’ll do fine.

When I haven’t been working on that, I’ve been looking at these things:

  • New York Times article the changing field of psychiatry. You know what I think? It’s sad that it’s going this way, but really if they wanted to do talk therapy, they could, and they need to stop whining about money.  Quote that got me a little mad: “Competition from psychologists and social workers — who unlike psychiatrists do not attend medical school, so they can often afford to charge less — is the reason that talk therapy is priced at a lower rate.”  I think it might actually be about greed.  I’m pretty sure a doctor could afford to pay back his loans on therapy (cited at $90/45 minute session in the article), and it’s not like we PsyDs and PhDs and MSWs don’t have graduate school loans, too.  Best quote: “‘I’m good at it,’ Dr. Levin went on, ‘but there’s not a lot to master in medications. It’s like 2001: A Space Odyssey, where you had Hal the supercomputer juxtaposed with the ape with the bone. I feel like I’m the ape with the bone now.’”  That’s right, folks.  I’m training to be Hal (only I won’t kill people who plot against me).
  • I finished Moby-Dick, except in listening to it (rather than reading it), I think I missed a lot of key points, so I’m not counting it as “read.
  • That left a bit of a blank spot in my life, so I’ve watched this video about Arlington like 80 times.  I especially like: “I’m going to eliminate you like I did gluten from my diet,” and “Press the button for the lobby even if somebody pressed it.”  And the bit about the Green line.  And the Starbucks montage at the end.  Genius.

Seriously, though: the BEST thing about midterms is that spring break immediately follows…  I’m Colorado-bound on Friday!


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