I like the name of this month, and its multiple meanings…  March implies a forward movement, a purposeful trudge through mud or on concrete towards whatever may come, eventually into spring and warmer weather.  It’s kind of a little “you’re almost there” cheer.

It’s warm(ish) and sunny in the District today, and my supposed-to-be-booked schedule opened up on both ends at the last minute (ha, well, I skipped a review session to sleep in a bit longer, and then an afternoon study group canceled).  So that’s nice.

Other things…  I brought beets and beet greens to eat for lunch, and then got pink stuff all over (okay, on one tiny corner) of the mid-course review, which is supposed to be anonymous.  It feels incriminating, especially since I’m not terribly pleased with the class and said so pre-pink stain.  I heard someone earnestly pronounce Oregon “Ore-gone,” which was cute.  A seemingly transient man told me he didn’t like L.L. Bean’s backpacks because they weren’t sturdy; mine (which triggered this association) is almost twelve years old, and going strong, although I carry only a small percentage of my belongings in it, I suppose. I had a researchers’ orientation at the Library of Congress yesterday.  I adore that place, and am excited to claim it as my study spot.  I read this article about a 100-year-old book club.  I like the format — one person reads and presents the book to the others.  And, finally, I saw kids on a rope (like this, only younger and cuter).  I adore that sight.

Happy March.


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  1. Barrett

    This is wonderful. I hope I can one day be your study date at The Library. Happy March!

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