In the Kitchen

I have friends who follow recipes to a T.  I am not like them in this way.  Sometimes it works out pretty well, and sometimes the results are a little less appetizing than I would hope…

Today: I’m coming off of a cleanse, and it’s my big day to reintroduce fruits and vegetables.  So I have this arugula from my biweekly box of amazinginess, and I’m going to make a salad with it.  I found a recipe for a dressing with cilantro, soy, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, and cayenne pepper.  I decided to replace the vinegar with lemon (vinegar’s not allowed for another couple of days), cut the sugar (who needs it?).  And then I decide to purée it into a sort of pesto, adding a little more garlic and cilantro.  I don’t know if I lost my taste for spice in the last couple of weeks, but the dressing/pesto is m-f-ing hot.  I can handle hot, too!  But this was borderline uncomfortable, plus it was on top of arugula, which is already kind of spicy.  I think I’ll add some nuts to the remainder and see if that tames it a bit.

And this is why I don’t cook for others.


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