Rainy Days

These certainly help.

Why am I posting again after a little hiatus?  Probably a lot of reasons, but:  I’m sadly not as engaged in my coursework this semester.  I keep wanting to say quarter.  Semester semester semester.  I have three classes and a lab, and don’t really any love them for various reasons.  In fact, I adamantly don’t love a couple of them.  Also, I miss writing.  And people (specific people).  Even though this isn’t writing to people (which would be better!), it’s similar.  It’s like to many people all at once.

And probably the biggest reason: for a while I was thinking I’d have to shut down the blog when I started seeing clients.  I might need to, or to at least make some changes so that it’s less findable (I’ve considered adding a password to access this site and writing on a new one that’s more scrubbed of identifiable information….  or quitting altogether).  Not that I will be writing about clients (no way!), but it’s going to be really important to me that they not find this record of four years of my life.  And it’s findable, though not easily.  Suggestions on dealing with this are welcome…  Have any of you had similar dilemmas?

Other thing(s): Boooooo…. The free-for-students version of Amazon Prime (which I wholeheartedly adore) does not work for Amazon’s new streaming-movies-for-free deal.  Which makes it all the more certain I will be paying for it after my free year.  I’ve turned into someone who buys groceries on Amazon.


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  1. KK

    i am enjoying your blogging – you are missed here! 🙂

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