The thing about being in a program that supports psychoanalytic theories is that your teachers are analysts and many of your classmates would like to be.  And you always feel analyzed, and that’s probably not just a bit of paranoia seeping in.

Note to self (and anyone who wants it): Don’t adhere too dogmatically to any one framework.  There are lots of ways of looking at things, and more often than not, that’s all they are — ways of looking at things.  Not right, not wrong.  I, for one, value flexibility.  But I’m an amateur, a novice, and I worry (depending on who my supervisors are) I’m going to have that beaten out of (and someone else’s metaphor beaten in to) me for the next couple of years.

(bad class day — one of the days where a single experience expands in my mind to symbolize what is to come for entire years.  bleh.)


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