How to Have a Long-Distance Date

Well, this is one way.

  1. Choose a time and a movie.  If the movie is streaming online, awesome.  If not, you have to do this a few days in advance to make sure all involved can get it by date night.
  2. Ten minutes prior to date time, queue up movie
  3. Five minutes prior, make popcorn* (or — my new favorite — blanched green beans with Old Bay seasoning).
  4. One date-ee calls the other at the arranged time, and you chat for a minute on the phone.
  5. Meanwhile you queue up Skype or Google video.
  6. Then you use a “On the count of three method” to make sure you’re starting at the same place on the movie.
  7. Make sure you’ve muted Skype/Google video; otherwise you hear the movie dialog twice.
  8. Hang up.  Put a Skype/Google video window in a corner somewhere (so you can see each other’s reactions to the film and type comments during less action-packed parts.

It’s more fun and less geeky than it sounds, I promise.  More long-distance date suggestions will be graciously accepted.

* I recently learned that you can make popcorn using this method: put kernels in paper bag; microwave for a few minutes (listening as you would to microwave popcorn — only note that it takes less time).  Remove, season as desired, and enjoy.  In doing this you cut out: weird lung-cancer-causing chemicals, fat, nastiness, packaging, and cost.  I’m curious about doing it in a reusable fabric bag, but have not tried it yet…**

** I used to have a  popcorn fork, but now I can’t find it. 😦


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