For the Record

Before I moved to DC I heard about how nice and clean the Metro was.  It mostly is.  I haven’t seen a rat or a roach, which is more than I can say for New York’s subway or London’s Tube.  There is a strict no-food rule: if you so much as sip on a coffee while you’re waiting for or riding on a train, people will glare at you because it is socially unacceptable to do these things (and: no one does!).

However.  Some people will complain that the trains are unreliable, especially on weekends.  While I can see their point, I think they are comparing this to public transportation in places that are not Denver.  They’re annoyed if they have to wait more than 6 minutes or so for a train.  I’m not as critical, having waited for a lot of public transportation in my day.  What’s that?  A train comes every fifteen minutes?! On weekends!? Awesome.

But what does get me is this: The station escalators are almost never all working.  Sometimes none are working.  Apparently they break down once every six days (“they” meaning each escalator!) on average and take 14 hours to repair, so maybe we’re better off thinking of them as expensive, glorified stairs.  Is this a complaint of laziness?  Maybe.  But sometimes you’re carrying a lot of stuff, and some people have kids and strollers.  And asthma.  And some stations (like Dupont Circle and the one by Adams Morgan) are really far underground.

So: no rats or foodstuffs? Hooray!  Non-functioning escalators?  Kind of annoying.


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