BBC News – ‘Moby Dick’ captain’s ship found

I know I said I wouldn’t just post about Moby-Dick, but, well, then I found this:

BBC News – ‘Moby Dick’ captain’s ship found.

Yesssssss…  It also involves NOAA, one of my favorite government agencies (what? everyone has one, right?).

The book just keeps getting better.  I bought a used copy and am reading along when I can (yes, I’m that kind of a dork).  You are all getting it for Christmas next year.  Unless you are special and getting this instead. (Okay, not really, but only because I’m not supposed to use student loans for such things).


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One response to “BBC News – ‘Moby Dick’ captain’s ship found

  1. Barrett

    Me want booottthhhhh (said like the inimitable Cookie Monster, of course).

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