The Book Bench: That Old Dictionary Love : The New Yorker

Dear Readers,

Check this out:  The Book Bench: That Old Dictionary Love : The New Yorker.

I would just like to re-mention, in case anyone forgot, that the OED is my favorite database/dictionary/reference tool OF ALL FREAKING TIME.  Sometimes I think about what the world would be like without access to it, and sometimes I wonder if the OED is why I’ve been in some way connected to academia for every moment of my life since I found out about it, circa 2002.  While it probably is not the reason that I will have four post-high school degrees, it is certainly a perk of studying for that long.

I was saving room on my bookshelf for the 20-volume set (that comes with its own magnifying glass.  So you can read it — the print is so small), but they stopped printing it, so that isn’t really an option anymore.  Plus I like how dynamic the online version is, so even if I did have that coveted print version, it would not really be a stand-in for the electronic versions.

Most likely, I won’t stay in academia forever, so at some point I will lose access to the OED.  I do have an action plan for when I leave the academic world.  Assuming I become a therapist in non-academia, I will:
a.) live very close to a library where I can use resources such as (and certainly including) the OED. Or move to a district (like Denver, but not DC!) where the OED is one of the public library databases.
b.) (once I have enough experience) supervise other therapists who are affiliated with a university that has the OED.  At least at my university, this is not a paid position, but does offer the singular perk of library access.  Which is a perk, indeed.
c.) I will seek out positions in college counseling centers (at OED-subscribing institutions, of course).



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2 responses to “The Book Bench: That Old Dictionary Love : The New Yorker

  1. Barrett

    Ooooh, I kind of wish you hadn’t brought this up because I am currently rationalizing how I could save (and therefore spend it on the online OED) $295/year . . . you know, no more lean ground beef, no more fresh vegetables, because going out for lunch certainly will not be cut out. I will let you know how it goes.

  2. You can get it at DPL!! Or (I think!) online with your DPL card number!

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