Tuesday, Disjointed

So I was going to post about how I haven’t been posting and how I should start.  I was going to make a list of things I need to do.  On my blog.  Like you guys want to read that.

So, no.

Still a list, but not a to-do list.

  1. Learning the Rorschach and how to score it.  It is approximately the most awesome part of my program so far.  Okay, maybe a lot of parts feel like the most awesome part, but this one really is cool.  I had this impression that it was sort of dated and not used often anymore and not very useful.  But actually the scoring system is intricate and sensitive.
  2. No, I won’t test you.  Any of you.  But I can refer you to people who will.
  3. It is SO windy and miserable here.  It’s really bad for my hair.  Like, really bad.  It’s an everyday frizz-fest.  My sister “borrowed” my straightener.  My sister is in Beijing.
  4. I’m thinking of going to Beijing for a little trip between spring and summer semester.  I still don’t know when one of my finals is, though.  GW isn’t that good at those things.
  5. Long distance relationships are not fun, but this made me happy today:

(from here; no idea who Jill and Matt are, but I like them and hope they are wholeheartedly enjoying eternity)

  1. Whoa, what happened to six?
  2. The above invitation makes me want to start counting the miles racked up in my long-distance relationship so far.  Not that it’s a competition or anything.  But 19,908 is the answer, including trips I would have made anyway (Thanksgiving, Christmas).
  3. Speaking of trips, over the course of 53 weeks I have taken no fewer than 36 flights.  I’m sorry for my carbon footprint.
  4. I’m feeling old lately.  I spend a lot of time on a college campus.  Undergrads are so….  baffling.  I joke sometimes about wearing my favorite black velour pants (“borrowed” from my sister) in public.  Last week I saw a girl with hot pink velour pants tucked into her Uggs.  And she looked more fashionable than I did, somehow.
  5. I’m not the only one who is feeling old lately.
  6. I would like to point out that I was an early adopter of Uggs.  I got my first pair in 1996 and people at school made fun of me for them.
  7. Of course now that I’m old I don’t have any.  And I don’t tuck my jeans into my boots.  Because my jeans are still bootleg.  Are bootleg jeans the high-waisted, tapered leg jeans of this generation?  Do I look old?  Sigh.
  8. I have a friend who is having her fourth child, she announced today! Isn’t pretty much everyone having a baby this year?  It seems like they’re almost all girls, too.  Girls are totally the best.
  9. I’ll have four degrees, I guess.  Which seems even more excessive.

Love from our nation’s capital.  Where spring is allegedly very nice.



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6 responses to “Tuesday, Disjointed

  1. Barrett

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Erica

    All my jeans are still bootleg too.

  3. That’s why we’re friends. Well, other things, too, of course! I’m wearing the socks you gave me right now, btw. They’re very cozy.

  4. Lindsey

    -My jeans are definately still bootleg (if my pregnant butt still fit in them, which it doesn’t and I refuse to wear maternity “skinny jeans” which just seems inherently wrong).
    -I join you in the feeling very old category. My doctor told me that turning 30 on April 30th while having a baby should make me feel young. I told him that he has clearly never had a baby before.
    -In response to another post, I have no favorite governmental agency, but, the placenta is my favorite organ which gets me some freaking funny looks from a lot of people, both medical and non-medical.
    -I wish you lived closer, but am happy for the recent blog entries :-). Hope you are doing well.

  5. Lindsey: Your boy will be the best, too. And I’m glad you have a favorite organ (and what a cool one — those of us who can have one don’t even have one all the time!!). Miss you lots. 🙂

  6. Captain KP

    Jenny showed this to me today, absolutely love it!

    we both joked we could swap the names out in many places, with our names, and it would work the same……

    what a cool invitation!

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