Christmas break was great!  And then it was back to DC, where I’m nearly ready to start school again (ha — it totally started three weeks ago, so…)

I’m learning to give the freaking Rorschach.  Which I adore.  And no, I won’t give it to you, but I recommend everyone take it once in their lives, and I can refer you to people who can give it.

Being not-where-I’ve-lived-for-the-past-long-time is hard.  It’s kind of depressing (which is not to say I’m depressed, just that I’m not exactly a bundle of cheer).  I like my program, but I miss my friends.  I’m sure I’ll adjust, but mostly I just want to be hermitous in my apartment.

I make a lot of lists of things I should do.  These include: run every day, which turns into walk every day, which turns into leave the house every day, which I actually manage to fail to do more than I care to admit.  Write more.  Make social contact with someone every day.  Write letters.  Make calls.  Do DC things. Read. Read. Read. Write. Cook.  Eat vegetables. In truth, I read, and mostly just what’s assigned.

Oh, and blogs.  In fact, the reason I’m writing now is because I just read this blog post about Mary Gaitskill. Over the break I read most of her short story collection Don’t Cry, and loved it.  I think Meaghan sums up Ms. Gaitskill’s pure awesomeness quite well, and I thought I would share.

And, just to prove that I’m actually doing things other than reading once in a while, I made butternut squash risotto (made up recipe, or I’d link you to it) and almond torte tonight.  The risotto is delish, and I’m about to break into the torte…  And I also discovered (why not sooner??) that the sausage haven in town is not the Safeway, but Eastern Market, where I found some nice kielbasa this afternoon.  And then felt really awkward carrying a sausage (in a clear plastic bag) around the market and to run a couple of other errands I should have done first.



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3 responses to “Hibernatory

  1. jfochek

    How did the torte come out?

    We missed you at the anniversary/reunion last night…

  2. The torte was pretty good! Not quite as fluffy as I remember yours being, but most certainly edible…

    I missed you guys last night, too! I wore my 2000 bid day t-shirt to commemorate (it’s on its last leg!).

  3. Hugs…glad to see you post. I don’t blame you at all. I feel pretty durn bear-like myself. I was going to e-mail you to see how you were doing. The food sounds tasty. I haven’t been cooking as much as usual.

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