My Million Calorie Diet


Vegetables — what?  Stove?  Grocery shopping?  Adulthood?

Even though I now have fresh fruits vegetables delivered to me every week, my diet is increasingly carbtastic.  Also, it’s effing cold outside (and today, dark! all day!), so the idea of venturing out to purchase food is more than I can take.

So I eat Indian takeout (I order two entrees at a time so I meet the minimum for delivery; lasts for days; is oily but deliciously spicy).  And popcorn (I had convinced myself as an undergrad that popcorn was a vegetable.  It is not.).  And gluten-free pasta with jarred sauce or sometimes just olive oil and garlic.  And coffee.  I get restless a lot, and find myself in the kitchen…  And this is how I’m gaining my graduate 15.  Damn it.  Even with all of the walking to just get around, even with attempts at running, even with biking.  Too much walking into the kitchen to stare past the vegetables and reach for pasta.

I tell myself I will eat vegetables again once finals are over.  But I can kind of see it turning into “once Christmas is over,” and then “once this school year is over,” and then “once I’m done with my degree,” and so on.

If only I were a compulsive cleaner instead of a compulsive eater…  Sigh…



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3 responses to “My Million Calorie Diet

  1. melissa

    Have you tried these?

    They’re a million times better than Gardenburgers and have at least two servings of veggies in each one. I like them wrapped in a tortilla with hummus and avocado, if you can find the latter. Also canned soup. Makes a tasty, healthy, way fast, one-person meal. There’s even gluten-free Dr. Praeger’s, but (disclaimer) they’re kind of mushy.

    Good luck with the rest of your finals!

  2. Oooh — I’ll definitely give those veggie burgers a try (they’re even on my list, should I manage to leave the house tomorrow). And canned soup, too — easy, tasty, doesn’t go bad.

  3. Lindsey

    I just chowed down a delicious, “carbastic” scone while reading this. The only time I really eat vegetables is when the vegetarian resident brings me lunch that his wife made. Anyway, hope you’re still doing great :-). Merry Christmas!

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