Three Down, 80 to Go

A paper is submitted, and the wait-and-see begins.  One class down, three more to go for the term.  Three credits towards my 83-credit program: completed. If we don’t count clinical work (which, honestly, is the bulk of the program), I’m 3.6% done with my doctorate.  Wooo!

Of course there are two more finals to deal with in the next seven days…  Even so.

What I’m finding: I’m good at collecting materials to read for research papers, bad at reading them, bad at synthesizing the information, bad at deciding I’m ready to write.  I used to be good at staying up late to finish a paper, but now I’m bad at that, too.  I did find that the following technique works rather well, though:

  • Take only materials you need immediately into bedroom (which is (stolen)-internet-signal free — finally this is a blessing and not a curse!)
  • Take cute magnetic kitchen timer off of fridge and place on weird/ugly air-conditioning/heating unit in bedroom.
  • Set timer for 55 minutes (the timer’s maximum), and force self to read/synthesize/write/focus for ALL 55 minutes.  Try to take breaks only after the timer goes off.
  • Repeat until finished.  Would be repeat 2 or 3 or 4 times if the paper hadn’t been due this morning.

In other news, I’m seeing Oliver Sacks speak later this week.  And I’m hoping to go to the controversial Hide/Seek exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.  I’m also planning to finish off the ridiculous number of macaroons left after the party on Friday (I made a LOT) and start eating some of those vegetable-type things again soon.  I might ease my way back into savory meals by ordering some vegetarian takeout, but maybe by this time next week (or next month?) I will be purchasing and cooking my own plant-based foods again.


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