This is How I Procrastinate

Yesterday my roommate and I had a cocktail party.  I should have prepared earlier, but, alas, I was in Colorado for over a week, and then I had two full class days (which, I can’t complain — those are my only two full class days in any given week this semester), and then it was suddenly, unexpectedly Friday.

So, Friday.  This was my Friday:

  • Oversleep.  Wake up at 10 (My schedule has shifted dramatically later — I get the same amount of sleep, I just get it between like 1 or 2 or 3 and 8 or 9 or 10.
  • Shower, eat breakfast (mom’s homemade gluten-free granola she sent home with me — delicious!), walk to Union Station to catch cheap bus to school.
  • Annoying “recap” meeting at school on a group relations conference that was, itself, annoying.  I worry about my bad attitude, annoyance, and what it means for me and my career.  I think I’m the only one who was annoyed by the whole process until I talk to a couple of others…  We’re the quietly annoyed majority, I think.
  • Plan: Trader Joe’s for groceries, Target for game and wine cubes (sounds better than wine boxes, doesn’t it?), liquor store across from Target for brandy.
  • Walk from school to Trader Joe’s (about a mile) to gather ingredients for Cinnamon Star Cookies.
  • Except they don’t have the crucial ingredient: almond meal.  I don’t have a food processor to make almonds into almond meal.  I get everything else I need and leave.
  • Head to Target: walk to Foggy Bottom Metro; Transfer at L’Enfant; decide to make coconut macaroons instead.
  • Get annoyed at people who unabashedly take up two seats on a full train.
  • Go to Target, where I buy a cube of wine (should have bought two), Cranium, and the ingredients for macaroons.  Only they don’t have the crucial coconut macaroon ingredient!!!  No freaking coconut at Target…
  • Walk a couple blocks to Giant (a grocery store); find coconut.  Wait in line for freaking ever at the express self-check while people with WAY more than 12 items are struggling to check out.
  • Go to a liquor store to pick up brandy, only to find that it is not a liquor store, but a beer and wine store, and there is no brandy to be bought there.
  • Get on Metro
  • Metro announcement: train broken down ahead, significant delays…
  • Get off Metro at U Street, where I know there is a bus that goes directly to my house…
  • Find liquor store in vicinity, but all of the alcohol is behind bulletproof glass/plastic/material, and I am daunted by the idea of buying brandy (which comes in little flask-size bottles) under such circumstances,  when I can’t understand the clerk through the bulletproof material…
  • Go to bus stop, brandyless (but carrying cube of wine).
  • Man walks by selling “blue” for one dollar.
  • Download Urban Dictionary app to see what “blue” is — Urban Dictionary doesn’t seem to know.
  • Bus finally comes.
  • Listen to heated argument between driver and all other men on bus about whether or not two steps without dribbling constitutes traveling in basketball or not (I think so…?)
  • Get off bus.
  • Make macaroons.
  • Clean up.
  • Ride bike to another liquor store to get brandy.
  • Make mulled wine.
  • Primp, briefly
  • Guests arrive.
  • Talk, laugh, drink, eat
  • Find out that “blue” is probably crack, and that $1 is a good price, but that buying it is probably not a good idea anyway (in case someone is undercover, among other obvious reasons).
  • Talk, laugh, drink, eat
  • Guests leave
  • Talk to Dean
  • Go to sleep

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