Still Here!


I expected to have “more time” in grad school.  There are still 24 hours in a day, of course, and I mostly get full nights of sleep (it is lovely — you should totally try it).  But as big a pain in the ass as work used to be, at least the times outside of it were completely and totally my own.  Not so as a student:  There is always (plenty) more to read, more to write.  It’s easy to just bury myself in books and articles and skip things like blogging and exercising and socializing.  Sorry, blog-reading friends.  It might be like this for a while, though.

So, anyway, it’s Thanksgiving “break,” with “break” in quotes because I have a gigantic paper to write over the next week and a half, and I’m not really any more disciplined than I ever was before when it comes to writing papers.  Damn it.  I’m not sure why I thought this would suddenly change.  I am a better reader, after all.  But not a better idea consolidator/paper writer.  It’s okay.  It’s just hanging over me.  I’m in total vacation mode, except that I carry scholarly articles with me everywhere (seriously: just ask me what’s in my purse!) and think about how I should be reading them instead of catching up with friends.

Friends.  Friends.  I’m in this mode in DC where I don’t really want to make any new ones because I already have wonderful friends.  And it’s surprisingly not particularly lonely yet, partially because of visits from Colorado friends, partially because of the reading, partially because of my personality (which, of course, I’m diagnosing…)

I’m glad I’m doing this.  I’m really happy with the program, and with what I’m learning, and I think that if there were an exactly right place for me, it would be there.  DC is weird, but I don’t mind it.  But I do hate writing papers.  Bleh.

Tomorrow: no paper thoughts allowed!  I shall enjoy my Thanksgiving, and I hope you will enjoy yours!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Secret-Scholarly-Paper-Carrying!

    I’m glad the program feels right to/for you, too.

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