Online Shopping

I always thought that the people who would really be into online shopping were rural folk — those (like my parents) who have to drive for hours to get to a decent shopping center.  Now I think the biggest users just might be busy people in urban centers, and especially carless people.

This summer offered a deal — free Prime membership for students.  What perfect timing!  I hesitated briefly (a little part of me likes finding low-priced things (like fake pirate tattoos) to meet the $25 Super Saver Shipping minimum.  But the idea of getting pretty much anything I want within two days — for no extra charge — was too much to ignore.

So I’m a Prime customer.  Yesterday after reading your comments on Freedom, I decided to order the book, which would have been delivered Monday.  Except: some items (usually books, I’m finding) are delivered the next day.  By courier.  So, yes — before I have even had the chance to leave the house, my book has arrived.  It would have been 1/2 off, too, if I’d gotten the copy with Oprah’s sticker on it, but I paid $1.12 extra to have the original.


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