Sensible Shoes

I almost bought Dr. Scholl’s shoes today.  Does this mean…

  • I’m getting old?
  • I’ve lost any fashion sense I once had?
  • I’m tired of sore feet and ridiculous blisters?
  • or are they actually not that bad?

If anyone has tried-and-true, comfy-but-professional, non-granola, non-granny-looking shoe recommendations, please, please, please let me know.  Especially if you’ve worn them in foot-swelling humidity and walked miles and miles in them.  Arch support is a must, as is a decent sole that won’t rub away in a month or two.  Thank you in advance.

DC is lovely.  Saturday and Sunday brought some heat relief (thank god!), a big trip to IKEA, and what is basically now a professional kitchen.  I went to the Hirshhorn, which was pretty awesome.  And to a potluck with my roommate and her public policy friends (they were all really nice, and the hostesses had great books).  I’m getting settled, slowly but surely.

Oh, and I’m running!  I’m doing this program recommended by a librarian friend, and I like it and I’m not dying.  Also, guess where I run: past the Capitol, by some Smithsonian museums, and back home.  It’s pretty great.  This is not where the blisters are coming from, by the way.



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4 responses to “Sensible Shoes

  1. KK

    Option 4: they don’t seem that bad! (I’m even tempted to get some myself.) Let me know if you get any other good shoe brand recommendations.

    Your posts all sound so energetic and exciting. I can barely keep up with the enthusiasm! And I can’t stop smiling for you! I also can’t stop using exclamation points!

  2. Hannah S-Q

    I’m very inspired by your running. Honestly!

    The shoes don’t look bad at all, I agree. I was surprised by the selection of Dr. Scholl’s shoes on-line when I looked one time. Perhaps when I get more money I’ll have to think about getting some.

    Happiness to you.

  3. kris

    There are some really cute shoes on there. I’ll take the sweater boots, please. I know this doesn’t fit your recommendations request exactly, but for heels Tahari seems to support my high arches the best so far. (Note: Tahari, not really expensive Elie Tahari) Also, I’m looking into getting some Sofft shoes because so many people seem to swear by them. Antonio Melani shoes at Dillard’s seem to work for me as well.

  4. Lacey

    I like Danskos, are those Granola? They have a lot of cute selections now! Born is another good brand but they are all pretty expensive.

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