Alexandria and an Old Friend

Posting my White House picture on Facebook on Wednesday brought a couple of old friends back into my life!  I had an amazing lunch (six-vegetable quiche on a buckwheat crust!) at this restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien, in Alexandria with one of them today.  I think it’s been at least six years since we saw each other last, and something like 13 since we met at a summer camp for rural Colorado kids interested in medicine.  Anyway, fast-forward through the end of adolescence, college, early adulthood — I’m making my way back to the health professions and she’s just finishing up her residency in family medicine, starting work for the Air Force.  I’m so proud of her and excited to get to know her as an adult.

So Alexandria is cute — we didn’t see all of it, of course, just this one street where there are a ton of restaurants and antique and furniture stores.  It’s tree-lined, with lots of solid, brick buildings.  It feels so far away in my head, but it’s actually only ten miles away — an easy bike ride (if I had a bike) (which I probably will soon…).  Anyway, it’s strange to think that if I don’t bring a car out, my experience of this city and living in it will be entirely different from someone who does have one.  I’m okay with that — neither is better, necessarily, just different.  I’m kind of liking the micro-level, getting to know a few areas really well and shuttling between them underground.


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  1. Lindsey

    I recommend Jambu, I own one from their “sporty wedge designs” category and I have worn them for an entire day of walking up and down the 100 yard hall at the hospital with no pain. I also get at least 3 compliments every time I wear them. Dansko’s are my go to shoes but are much better for standing than walking, especially for high arch people.

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