Unemployment, Day 1

My last day of work was Friday.  I still have stuff there I need to pick up — strange how much I accumulated in that little, windowless office.  I’m happy to leave the space.  And some work drama.  I’ll miss parts of it, but I’m leaving with a certain hopefulness for what’s ahead.

So far today I’ve had a little breakfast and napped from 8:30 to 11, with full-on dreams surrounding leaving.  Now I’m basking in my freedom for a couple of hours before I start to photograph select items and write ads for Craigslist (want a bike?  matching orange armchairs?).  And then I’ll clean out my neglected refrigerator and choose which books to take, which to store, and which to give away during my massive book giveaway on Tuesday night (contact me if you’re interested…).

Sorry I haven’t been writing.  The gist of what happened is:  Of course after years and years of ridiculous dating (and some good dating, but really, mostly ridiculous), I met this lovely man at the end of May.  We’ve been spending lots of waking and non-waking moments together.  Most moments, in fact, and probably more than I normally would spend given the upcoming move, etc.  So, I’ve been rather neglectful, but I miss the blog and lots of things about it, and I’m sure I’ll find more of a balance with time.  I was a bit torn about continuing the blog, especially once I begin to see patients.  I may change the address to something more anonymous, but I think I will continue it as a personal project…  And I hope you’ll continue to read it.

In other news: my textbooks for fall are starting to arrive.  I’m getting very excited…


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