This is Where I’ll Live

Yes — in the house, not behind that bush marked with the “A.”  It’s a few blocks from the Capitol (and fewer from the Library of Congress and Folger Shakespeare Library), a few blocks from Eastern Market, near some cute little cafes and coffee shops, a straight shot to school, and close to Union Station.  I’ll have a roommate — I think we hit it off well.  It’s air-conditioned, so my summer sanity will be preserved (oh my gosh, you guys, it’s really freaking hot here).

I was not super excited about coming here a couple of days ago when I thought I was going to be paying $1,230 a month for a studio, but this is a much better deal.  I’m feeling better now, excited to take advantage of all that DC has to offer.  Which is a lot!

I’m planning an “everyone I know” party for the fall, to which everyone I know in the DC area will be invited.  There are like six people, I think.  I met up with a friend from library school who is excited to “do things and drink red wine while reminiscing about 10% humidity.”  Word.

For now, though, I’m ready to be back in Denver for a few more weeks, tying up loose ends at work and spending time with all of my favorite people.  I dreamt last night that my flight tomorrow was canceled; I hope it’s right on time.



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4 responses to “This is Where I’ll Live

  1. Beautiful place. Enjoy, relax, respect.

  2. Paige

    It’s so cute! Are you going to have an Everyone You Know party in Denver so that we can all shower you with attention and tell you how much we will miss you???

  3. KK

    i’m so excited for you :). and so excited for me when i get to visit you :)!

  4. HCSQ

    Thanks for the sneak peek. It looks great! Maybe I’ll come live behind that bush. Hugs and luck to thee.

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