The Reasons Sought

  1. Heat.  Good lord, it’s hot.
  2. I gave my very official, written notice that I’m leaving at work, and I think my job will be posted soon…  I’ve been at DU for almost 11 years.  In my head I’m writing possibly-sappy thank you notes to professors and staff, to the bookstore guys and HVAC sweethearts (yes, I have HVAC favorites).  Eleven years is a long time — like 38% of my life, and pretty much all of my adulthood.  I don’t think I’ll regret leaving, but I’m feeling a little wistful.  And to think I planned to transfer after the first nine months…
  3. Work is as exciting as a vuvuzela solo.
  4. Outside of work is much more exciting.  Nothing mentioned before has been jinxed.  I somehow have a (fabulous) date for my high school reunion.  Ha — which wasn’t my plan, of course (I was totally going to gloat about being single).  I’m moving, I don’t know what will happen, but it’s so much fun.  Totally gushing.  Sorry.
  5. Camping!  I camped for two nights over the weekend here!  It was super fun, in spite of an incredible number of very hungry mosquitoes.  Poor, hungry mosquitoes.  We were glad to be able to feed them.  Okay, not really glad, but it didn’t matter — they feasted.  It was gorgeous.  We hiked and slept in the most awesome tent ever, and I more or less learned how to light a tiny camp stove.  And later, on the highway as we were leaving, we saw a moose.

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