Frequent Flying

My Frontier frequent flyer account balance (after like 8 or 9 years of collecting — I haven’t always been that frequent of a flyer) is 19,989.  I am 11 miles short of a free flight IF I book before next Tuesday (when I will be 5,011 miles short, thanks to the Midwest takeover/merger/whatever).  I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’m totally paying $25 for 1,000 miles (of which I need 11, or 27 1/2 cents worth) so I can buy an otherwise overpriced ticket to DC to find a place to live.  If there’s such a flight available — I can’t even see that until I have 11 more miles.  Luckily I’m pretty flexible…

Happy Wednesday!  I’ll be at work in 20 minutes, ready to move my office for the fourth summer in a row!


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  1. Good luck. I have zero frequent flyer miles, but admire those who have them. Seems so grown up.

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