Stopover at Home

Man, oh, man!  busy week of my sister’s graduation in Philadelphia (awesome job, Jenny — I’m so proud of you!!) and now a wedding in Dallas (Hooray, Bess and Paul!).  I’m behind at work (and OMG, annoyed at work).  My apartment is a wreck.  I’m eating horribly.  Drinking wayyy too much caffeine.  Starting Monday, though — back on track!  Maybe starting right now with a long walk, some laundry, vegetables for dinner, and cleaning things out of my fridge that could be mistaken for habitats.

In other news, I registered for classes on Wednesday!!  This stuff is offffiiiiiccial!!!  DC, here I come!  I will start on my doctorate on September 1, 2010, at 10 a.m.  And I will finish sometime around 2014.  Super excited about this!  Allegedly we’ll have a summer reading list, and I can hardly wait for it…


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