New Kitchen Tool

Last night I had dinner with some coworkers, and they told me about this site called Relish! (the “!” is included — it is exciting, but not that exciting).  You pay a monthly fee ($7, I think), and then every week you select five recipes.  Relish! constructs your shopping list for you and even organizes it by area of the grocery store.  Is this something I could do for myself?  Yes, of course.  But sometimes the decision itself is paralyzing, and I end up walking around the grocery store aimlessly, spending $20, and then eating chips for dinner.

They also have a gluten-free sister site, GFree, which is basically the same, only, well, gluten-free and $3 more a month.  I signed up.  So far so good — I just made myself chicken breast in a light mushroom sauce, served over creamy polenta.  Fine-tasting, and very easy.  And I have ingredients for clam linguine (gluten-free) later this week.  Gimmicky?  Perhaps, but if it makes me eat better and at home, I’m okay with it.


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