Focus on the Present

Weekend highlights, chronologically: leaving work early on Friday (it was a good day with a big morale boost and cataloging Jesus pictures (literally), which is kind of fascinating). Eating pho with a most-dear friend. Catching up on my Google Reader onslaught. Falling asleep at like 9:30 and not waking up until like 9:30.  Cafe Europa and the sweetheart barista with the mustache.  Another dear friend’s 30th birthday / ocho de Mayo fiesta, including a piñata, too much delicious food and too much laughing.  And a bird whistle.  New running shoes (yes, even though I don’t run, I walk a lot, and they’re useful) (they also look sort of ridiculous, but you know what?  So do all running shoes to a non-runner). New jeans (next size up — eff it, I’m giving in).  Running into yet another dear friend (and her mother and her daughter (who’s tall and adorable!) and her husband and brother and sister-in-law). Picnicking with another dear friend.  Running into even another dear friend at the park.  Talking to my mom, feeling a little homesick but excited to spend some time with my family next weekend in Philadelphia.  Eating snacks instead of meals (maybe this explains the jeans situation).  Drinking two liters of sparkling water.  Developing and talking myself out of an impossible crush.

I love this city, but what I’m going to miss most are the people I’ve come to know and love so much.  I think that’s why, even with all of this good stuff filling my weekend I’m kind of down as I write about it.  I’m super excited about my program (and I get to register soon!), but this move is going to be really hard…  A couple of times a going away party has come up, and while I like the idea, I fear bawling in front of basically everyone I know.  Which, I guess, wouldn’t be the end of the world.


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