I am in a moooooood.  I’m sure I’ll get over it, but meanwhile, please bear with me.  I am really easily irritated by pretty much everything right now.

So:  I’m working part-time for the census, which is like 80% fun and 20% a pain in the ass.  Why don’t people just fill out their forms to begin with?  I guess so I can make some extra money knocking on their doors.  Anyway, I’m working in my neighborhood, alongside my neighbors, and it’s pretty fun, with exceptions: wind, rain, gated communities, and locked buildings.  It pays well, and the money will help me get started in DC…

And I just read a most amazing book, Self-Help by Lorrie Moore.  I sobbed at this one, guys.  I read Birds of America earlier this year, but didn’t like it nearly as much as Self-Help.  And now I’m on to David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, which is at least as funny/good as Moore’s book is sad/good.  It’s kind of a good post-breakup, what-a-d-bag collection of short stories (I’m not at a break-up point in my life, but I can see myself picking it up again at one of those points in the future and thinking, “men truly are d-bags”).  Ha — I just realized that I expect to be at those points again.  Multiple times, even.  That’s sort of sad.  Although in the end those low points are worth whatever high allowed them in the first place, right?



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