Colorado Sunshine

(Denver/Colorado/West Love Letter #15)

Denverites might wonder why I’m posting about sunshine when the last several days have brought pretty bad weather (bad enough, even, that a friend who works in Castle Rock was sent home from work early and had a tough time getting home due to snow on Friday).  Well, even our rainier days almost always have an element of sun, and we rarely see consecutive full days without a little bit of blue sky.  Having grown up in the Southwest, I know I take this for granted.  I love cloudy days, fog, and rain, but I only kind of have an idea what it’s like to live in it for an extended period (thanks, England).

So today it was relatively cloudy and windy, and I spent it walking around Wash Park, then volunteering on a cleanup/tree-planting project at Bluff Lake near Stapleton.  And, though I used sunscreen, I managed to miss the back of my neck (how many years until I learn??!!), and am a little burnt there and on my nose (which was well-sunscreened, but it is never really enough).  First Sunburn of the Season: Summer can begin now.

It felt good, my entire day outside…  Industrious, active.  It made me miss that summer (2007) that I hiked almost every weekend.  I’m going to be especially busy this summer, it looks like, but I’m hoping I can reserve a weekend day each week for being outside, moving my body up and down mountains, or maybe changing the landscape in some beneficial way, or maybe just basking.


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