Sweet Action

Can it be I haven’t written a love letter to Sweet Action yet?  Denver Love Letter #14…

Dear Sweet Action Ice Cream,

I love you because:

  • You are in my neighborhood.
  • Your scoops are just the right size.
  • You have really great prints on your walls.
  • I like the garage-door front, even if it’s sometimes weird when there are panhandlers outside watching me eat my ice cream.
  • You have vegan flavors, and I usually know what to expect thanks to your Facebook updates.
  • Your vegan flavors are not limited to vanilla and chocolate, but have recently included pistachio, cherry, and horchata.
  • There are many, many more options for non-vegans, which makes my lactose-tolerant friends more than willing to come with me to visit you.
  • You are called “Sweet Action.”
  • You make everything in-house.
  • Your employees are cool.
  • You make kids and adults happy.  Hipsters like you, and I think normal people do, too.  Even on Tuesday nights in March.

Your friend,


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One response to “Sweet Action

  1. HCSQ

    I haven’t been to Sweet Action. I should go sometime. I know several people who sing its praises.

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