Fifth Day of Five, Plus a Belated Love Letter

Rough week!  Today I was civil.  It was tough.  I’m not an idiot — I’ll have you know that, even if others don’t believe it.  It’s a good job.  It’s quite possibly the best I’ve had, so I’m not going to get down about it.


I am officially weeks behind on my Denver Love Letters.  It does not mean I haven’t been loving Denver, however.  I certainly have, as much as (if not more than) ever.  Tonight I salute Club 404.

Denver Love Letter #12!

The first time I went to Club 404 was circa 2004, with my then-boyfriend who heard it was “a union bar” and also “a real dive.”  I don’t know if it’s really a “union bar” — I don’t even really know what that means.  All I know is that it is, indeed, a bit of a dive with pleather-upholstered booths, a decent menu, great staff, and nothing fancy.  You go to drink, and maybe you go to eat.  And if you do go to eat, you go to eat comfort food, be it pot roast or nachos or hamburgers or prime rib or crispy rellenos.  Traditional Denver fare.  Just don’t order anything with mushroom gravy — consider this your sole warning.

For the last several months I’ve been going on most Friday nights for happy hour.  It’s a predictable place.  Not one where I’d want to order the wine (see my post on wine in dive bars), but of course the mixed drinks are fine (even strong), and the beer is predictable.  Okay, well, there has been a mishap with mixed drinks.  Not even mixed drinks, but once Barrett ordered an orange juice (that’s it!), and it came out tasting distinctly of Bloody Mary mix.  She was not charged for it.

404.  Sigh.  404.  Why do I like it?  It is not a scene.  It’s not that it’s anti-scene — I’ve been there with a whole party of hipsters, and they were as welcoming as ever.  It just is what it is.  They might change their menu, but it’s probably with the waitress’s parents in mind, not my crowd.  There is no fusion anything, no aioli, no tapas, no bruschetta, no arugula.  No deep-fried mac-and-cheese.  Nothing fancy, nothing trendy, and that’s why you should love it.

While you’re there, tell our waitress hi.  I don’t know her name, but her mom hangs out there a lot, and I bet she could almost be my mom.  It is like Cheers in Denver, only I’m not quite regular enough to feel like anything more than an extra.  Which is fine with me — I go there to catch up with people I already know, not to make new friends, and I don’t sit at the bar, so I don’t make friends with the regulars.  And if making new friends is what you’re into, allegedly there’s a swinger’s club next door.

P.S.  It’s named “404” because that’s its address: 404 Broadway.



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3 responses to “Fifth Day of Five, Plus a Belated Love Letter

  1. Hannah

    Very fabby post…

    You can tell I am a loner and I have no social life, because I’ve never even heard of most of these places, and I lived in Denver for years.

    Oy! Swinger’s club…really? Wow…

  2. According to two sources — I can’t say I’ve ever been.

    While I was here for undergrad I had no idea of most of these places (or even any of them, I think…) I’ve been here for almost 11 years (!!), so don’t feel bad!

  3. Hannah

    Ahh I see. I believe you, really! I didn’t peg you for the swinger’s bar type. Hehee…

    Yeah. I’ve never been a big bar hopper though that’s just a personal preference. I don’t really drink much. I think my friend from college occasionally dragged me places but it was pretty rare.

    I liked living on Capitol Hill and enjoyed places like Watercourse, Mercury Cafe, and Lemon Sisters (I think that’s the name) and that sort of thing. And occasionally a few market-type places.

    I kind of hated being harassed by various bums and hobos (sorry…that’s really not very PC of me) who would simultaneously hit on me, try to follow me home, and bum money off of me. I rarely got a ‘normal’ guy hitting on me.

    One time a cabbie tried to take me out to eat while I was in his cab. Scared the hell out of me. I thought he was going to kidnap me. I had to insist that, really…I DO want to go home.

    Then when I met Jeremy it seems like most places we went to in Denver were restaurants in our area (south) and thrift stores. So I hardly ventured downtown except for nostalgic reasons.

    Sorry for the long comment. I am oddly dizzy today. Feel a bit drunk.


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