Fun, exhausting week in Atlanta — bittersweet, probably last conference in the friendliest organization of all time (okay, so I can’t really prove that it’s the friendliest, but it’s pretty fun, and perhaps I’ll spend my spring breaks there forever).  Eventually this week I’ll write more about the weirdness and wondrousness that is the south.

Today I made my tongue sore thanks to See’s chocolate lollipops ordered from a coworker on behalf of charity.  They are the dumbest shape.  Who ever thought of squares?  Had leftover leftovers tonight (still delicious) at Christopher’s.  His weekend cocktail party is bound to last nearly a week…

AND: got into George Washington University and Long Island University (well, pretty sure about LIU — left my phone at home and had a message from one of the professors stating “good news,” so I’ll confirm tomorrow).  Surprised and happy and honored that this whole thing is going so well.  I really didn’t expect so many positive results, and I hope it bodes well for my performance in graduate school (and as a psychologist eventually).  Leaving is becoming a pretty definite reality — both a loss and a gain.

Also: Spring is here.  Sleeping with windows open is divine, with the cool breeze on my skin and/or cozy under a blanket, and I’m less annoyed with the time change come 7:00 each night.


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