Taking Care

I really. must. do. laundry.  I’m at the point people always joke about — buying new stuff to put off washing the old stuff for just a few more days (Gap does have a nice sale, so it wasn’t purely based on laundry aversion).  My life is feeling a little disastrous at the moment, but I think it has more to do with the state of my apartment than anything.  This week is for catching up with friends, work, errands, studying, and school-specific financial aid applications.  This weekend is for putting my living space back in order once again: clean sheets, clean towels, clean clothes, books shelved, papers filed, fridge rid of inedible ick, floors mopped, bathroom cleaned.  Next week is for more travels (conference in Atlanta), and when I get back, I’m hoping to not eat out for the rest of March, scale back on caffeine and alcohol consumption (yes, again!), and start eating good, nutritious, home-cooked stuff, just like old times.  Maybe get some long walks in, too, since daylight time starts on Sunday.


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