Since Last Week…

  • Felt a combination of smug and good and bad after watching a couple trying to figure out the sudoku puzzles in the airplane magazine and then finishing them rather quickly.
  • Lovely catch-up, pear hot toddy, and date cake with Melissa at the Liberty Glass in Portland (if I don’t end up in Oregon it’s because I resisted the draw of the lifestyle and friends there).
  • Thought I was going to DIE of gastrointestinal pain during my Pacific University interview.  Did not.  It was fine.  Not great, but fine.
  • Missed buses, paid for cabs.
  • Good interview/experience in Berkeley at the Wright Institute…  Good gut feeling about this one (and a couple others)
  • Realized I’ve made interview-circuit friends (Shoshana and Will, particularly).  I hope I run into them again as we embark on this journey (of actually getting our doctorates!  OMG!)
  • Re-discovered the value of having headphones in whether or not you’re listening to something on public transportation so that people don’t talk to you.  (No, sir who can’t afford the fare to leave the BART station because you’re going through a divorce and waiting for property to sell, you can’t have my card or number)
  • Talked to a guy from Brazil who says, “I have ideas, but because I don’t know your language I sound like a child.  It’s so frustrating sometimes.”  He wants to be a filmmaker, but has to pass the TOEFL first. I wish him well.
  • Talked to a girl whose family moved to San Francisco from Burma when she was 15.  Her mother died four months later.  She wants to be a police officer.  I wish her well, too.
  • Slept most of Sunday.  Realized I haven’t written a Denver Love Letter in nearly a month. Realized I’ve also been gone/traveling/interviewing for half of the days in the last month, so I’m forgiving myself.
  • Good evening catching up with siblings and a great friend, eating barbecue and drinking wine.

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