First Thoughts on Long Island

Today I drove through Manhattan in a rented baby blue VW Bug with Tennessee plates.  I can’t call it fun.  Leisurely, maybe, if I ignored the honking (honking doesn’t really help anyone when we’re all stuck, folks).  Tonight I’m in a less-than-nice HoJo on the very edge of Queens, hoping to sleep well before two interviews tomorrow (Adelphi in the a.m., LIU-CW Post in the p.m., the first having been rescheduled due to snowpocalypse 3 last week).  I’m a little nervous.  Also a little done — not in a way that I’ll blow it off, but in a way that I will just answer their questions and ask my own and really try to get a sense of what it would mean to live here…

Living here…  Long Island is kind of like a supergigantic suburb.  There are pretty parts, but pretty in the way that you imagine pretty areas for families with children and dogs and quiet lives.  I don’t know…  Word on the street is that a lot of the students live in Brooklyn — unnecessary expense?  Necessary social sacrifice?  Hard to say at this point…


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